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Your full-service technology solutions provider. Deciphering today’s technology can seem like a daunting task. We’ll be there every step of the way.

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Web Design

Let our team build a beautiful, responsive,  mobile-friendly website to represent your brand properly online. Mobile-friendly means your website will look great on all devices.  Start today!

Website Management

It’s like having your very own website manager on staff. All of your websites needs are a call or email away. Regular content updates, daily backups, real-time monitoring are some of the things we are doing to keep your website awesome.

DIY Websites

No tech skills required! You can build a better website in under an hour with out any tech skills! Create a website quick and easy for only $5.99 per month. You will get everything needed to launch your new website! Hosting, security, even a free basic domain! Manage everything from your phone, tablet, or computer. Create in the place that you are most inspired, or make changes on the go!
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Website Hosting

Got tech skills? Host your website with us. Our tech support team is amazing. Our websites have 99.8% uptime! Grab the “parts” for your new website. WordPress Website Hosting, DomainsSSL Security Certificates, Business Email, and more. We have the products to start and manage modern websites.


From cocktail napkin to front page. We will take your ideas to your customers. Digital Marketing offers a wide selection of ways to interact with your customers. Let’s design fresh ways of targeting your markets.


Search Engine Optimization is vital to any business these days. Integrate SEO into your Digital Marketing campaign today. Stay above your competition in the real-world and on Google.

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What They’re Saying

Our Clients

"Parmon Consulting has helped my business’ online presence immeasurably. From their design work, to their insight, to their communication, everything has been absolutely top notch."

Adam – Keizer, OR

"Need IT Work? Call Parmon Consulting and they’ll take care of you. I’ve used this company multiple times and never been disappointed. Tristan is very determined and is willing to go the extra mile for you."

Brandon – Salem, OR

"Thank you for turning my mess of electronics into a great new setup. It’s fun using the computer on my TV. I was impressed with your services, showing up on time, making sure everything works, and reasonable pricing."

Donna – Salem, OR

"I love how they gave me helpful innovative knowledge about my small company. Thanks."

Connie – Longview, WA


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

DIY Website Builder starts at $5.99/mo

Wordpress Hosting starts at $8.99/mo

Business Email starts at $29.88/yr

Custom Domains start at $13.99/yr

Website Management starts at $69/mo

Website Security starts at $6.99/mo

SSL Security starts at $67.99/yr

How long does it take to build my new website?

DIY Website Builder: You can build your website in a few hours with our Website Builder

Website Management: Our full-service approach to building advanced websites with WordPress can have your website up and running is as little as a few weeks. This largely depends the availbility of content for the website.

What do I need to get started?

Do It Yourself with our Website Builder. You can build and manage your own website easily. Basic Domain & SSL Security are included with your Website Builder plan at no extra cost! You will need the following website "parts" to build & manage your awesome website today!


Allow Us to build and manage a beautiful website for you. Learn more about our full-service Website Management service. You will need the following website "parts" for our team to build & manage your new website!

Do I need an SSL Security Certificate?

Your website will function without an SSL security certificate.

But we strongly recommend having an SSL. If you don’t have the little green lock from a trusted SSL certificate, Google Chrome will tag your site as Not Secure.

Shop SSL's.

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of a website and encrypts information sent to the server using SSL technology.


What if I cancel my Website Management plan?

There are no long contracts here. We will continue to earn your business month after month. You are free to cancel any time. Upon canceling your account, we will discontinue management of your account and the website will be reverted to a "maintenance" page.

I already have a domain, can I use it?

Yes! We are a full serice domain registrar. Shop domain pricing and availability.

What is website hosting?

To make your website visible on the Web, your website’s files and data must be physically stored on a computer that is connected to the Internet. These large, high-powered computers are called web servers. Purchasing website hosting purchases space on these servers.

Think of a website hosting company like a shopping center that contains several individual stores. If you want to open a store at the shopping center, you can lease space in it and set up shop. Just like a shopping center, website hosting companies enable you to lease space on their web servers where you can store your website files and make them available for visitors to view on the Internet.

What is a domain?

While computers require IP addresses to locate one another, we humans can use domain names. When visitors enter your domain name into a Web browser, the browser uses your domain name to find the correct IP address and, in turn, passes back the website associated with that IP address.

Domain names were created to make IP addresses more human-friendly. An IP address is a unique set of numbers that is assigned to every computer/server on the Internet. Think of IP addresses like street addresses - they identify where a computer is located on the Internet and help route information so that it can easily travel between computers.

What about website backups?

We perform incremental, reliable, daily backups.

Can you get me on the top of Google?

We have partnered with the best SEO team in Oregon! Call today! (503) 877-9836

What is Professional Email?

Show the world you mean business. Look professional with email that matches your domain. Shop Business Email

A domain-based email address, like, helps you look more professional with customers and promotes your website and company. In fact, customers are 9 times more likely to choose a company with a professional email address. Every time you send an email from a domain-based address, you're putting your domain name in front of customers and encouraging them to visit your website.

What is WordPress?

WordPress® is a blog- and web-publishing platform that is recognized the world over as a standard in website creation.

24/7 Website Tech Support

Our 24/7 website tech team stands ready to keep your website running. Their expertise in domains, hosting, SSL’s, and business email will keep you working.

Content Updates

New content for your website? Awesome, we love keeping your website fresh with new additions. We can’t wait to show off your latest work.

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